Lockheed martin f-16c block 50 HAF, fighting falcon 1/48 Tamiya 347 Μ.ΠΕΡΣΕΑΣ (055) 111 ΠΜ Ν.Αγχιαλος By: NIKOS KOLETIS

 f-16c block 50 fighting falcon 1/48 Tamiya 347 Μ.ΠΕΡΣΕΑΣ (055) 111 ΠΜ Ν. Αγχιαλος

Foto: Alkiviadis Paraskevopoulos

F-16C Block 50
347M Perseus
Tamiya 1/48
Excellent Tamiya kit, very good detail, excellent fit.
The only disadvantage is the poor armament and the fact that the kit needs two additions to become Greek.
This is an extension of the parachute to the vertical fixed where you can use a spear piece from another kit (eg Kinetic) or a resin enhancer
and shipping lights to the right and left of the aircraft air intake, where they are very easily made of plastic sheet.
In this particular project, I added several improvement sets, such as a Master's metal pipette for the radar cone,
resin caps for AOA,
Aires' cockpit, engine nozzle and wheel nests and continuing with Eduard's improvement sets in both exteriors-weapon and interior sets, as well as in full armament,
the wheels of the landing gear and the air brakes where the desired detail I wanted in this model was given.
As for the construction part in another classic multi-month project of mine ..
I will say that it went well and almost smoothly despite the several improvement resin sets I used.
There were few places where I was a little worried,
more seriously I would say the well-known point on the radar cone where it doesn't fit perfectly with the bottom of the fuselage and it needs some extra work to get it in place.
Extra work was also needed inside the air intake where it became seamless with the method of plastic paint to eliminate the seams.
As for the painting and the decals. I used the Mr Paint series (MRP) for the Ghost variant, which, in addition to having very correct shades, is also an excellent series of behaviors.
Easy-to-paint paints, smooth and with very fine spray bonds directly from the bottle, without any dilution.
To perform the extensive wear on the surfaces of the Block 50, I sprayed 3-4 different color tones in mix with white to achieve fading and with 2 tones of mix with black for darker tones.
Finally, on the lower surfaces, mainly and less on top, weathering was done with painting oils, in order to achieve the desired result, which was completely continued after the decals.
The very good quality and credit decals of Two Bobs have been installed.
The engine nozzle was sprayed with Alclad metallic paints such as Alu, steel, Titanium, Pale Burnt Metal and Exhaust Manifold where they gave it a very realistic result.
The model for its final finish went with the excellent Semimat varnish by Mr Paint. (MRP)