F-4E Phantom Under The Skin Vol.1

F-4E Phantom Under The Skin Vol.1


The book F-4E Phantom Under The Skin Vol. It is based on the F-4E Phantom II AUP of the Hellenic Air Force HAF. But it is undoubtedly the best model

 manual, for all McDonnell Douglas Phantom. Reader Discoveres Features About Jets That Have Never Been Published Yet Keep The Poker Known

 shape (22x24cm - height X width) .At 108 pages and excellent print quality

 It is broken down into 10 chapters. In the first. The Legend, we have a handy table with the serial numbers of all F-4E AUPs of the two Degrees (338 & 339) along with a brief description of their role and some great photos spanning both contrasting pages to admire the whole aircraft in flight and in take-off phase, as the following pages discuss the study of individual parts and subsystems
Starting from the fuselage, it guides us through open doors but also into details like boarding stairs, close-ups on alarms, IFF antennas, hoods and anything else that may interest a reader curious to study everything in F -4E. For the hood alone, we counted over 20 photos, with a total of over 450 in the book!

All photos that need explanation are accompanied by a caption in English. Generally the pages of the book are full of photographs and the text is minimal - as needed for captions.

The cockpit is not only adequately covered, but the detail you can see in the monitors is stunning. Of course there are plenty of photos, separate for the front and rear cockpits respectively, along with difficult corners, such as the mechanisms behind the covers. One page and 12 lights cover the ebb seat of Martin Baker.
The Maintenance chapter, along with that of the J79 below, is especially useful for those who would like to build an engine model or open relatively detailed interior panels. The AN / APG 65 radar, as well as the M61A1 cannon, of all magnificence and many individual close-ups, did not escape the lens.
Then there are the air intakes, the landing system, the lower surfaces but also the not-so-easy to see upper surfaces wings, flight control rails, exports, tail. As well as plenty of light from the aircraft maintenance process with hydraulic and other subsystem piping open. At this point we have a great help for the reader, as in each photo there is a number referring to the corresponding aircraft layout. This makes it easy to identify where each light corresponds to an open panel, as it is extremely difficult to identify, even for the most knowledgeable, in very close-up shots. In addition to the number there is also a caption with the system name and left / right or looking FWD / AFT.

The book closes with 17 pages and dozens of pictures of the weaponry: AIM-9L, Targeting Pods, AIM-120B, GBU-24/16, AGM-65, LAU-88 and drop tanks
Overall the book covers the requirements of the most demanding modelist, as well as the aviation friend who would like to study the particular ... Inside the legendary F-4E Phantom.

The photography has been done with specialized equipment and shows us every detail and in what dark places. As well as the exact brightness of the paint, wear and bromine, kerosene and hydraulic leaks, all on the surface of the aircraft!

  It is worth mentioning here that all the weapons that carry them

F-4E Phantom II AUP is from "Readiness" missions

Publisher: Eagle Aviation

English text captions and photos.

Shipping Weight: 500 gr.

Source: http: //eagleaviation.gr/
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By: Ioannis Lekkas & Ilias Gonis (Eagle Aviation)