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Creativity Models

Legendary great teacher Sheperd Paine said of diorama. It's the epitome of modeling art! When you get to look at a model on a dioramas, you create a work of art. You create a three-dimensional painting and your satisfaction is sometimes the same or even more intense and in different ways, than seeing a simple kit. The dioramas are so interesting because they combine so many elements with different forms: Sculpture, architectural painting Basically they tell a story without words, it's like the silent cinema, which travels the mind in the work.

Creativity Models is a new effort by Kyriakos to offer us a more realistic base for aircraft. Looking at the market to find something of a similar level, it was impossible. This gap has been filled by Creativity Models.
 The gap that existed in the market for realistic aircraft bases. Aircraft models with great detail are on the market. However, there is no corresponding theme on airport bases and those that are marketed as digital prints or plastic mold. They partially cover the gap as they lag behind in realism as they are based on two-dimensional designs. Creativity Models use specialized colors and with the surface relief, the result is an impressive edge!

Eastern Bloc Russia Base

   After real airport measurements and a study of photographs and drawings, the first codes were produced in ceramic porcelain (giliform), much more durable than plaster, and transparent resin (for lights). The painting responds very realistically to the rendering of the real material and the aircraft is placed by the helicopter in its natural space, the airport. Over time, the available codes were extended to Earth bases in World War I and World War II. Now at 1/48 there is the possibility of constructing any base with flashing lights, which are charged by photovoltaic panels integrated in the base without cables, power supply or transformer. A patent that we do not find anywhere else.

 Europe WW2 Base
Eastern front WW2 Base

     The release of barrel and box accessories in 1/72 and 1/48 has also started to complete the above bases.

The codes for decks of aircraft carriers and helicopters will soon be extended. Creativity Models tries to cover the whole subject with new codes and each new base is a new surprise.


There is a NATO base NATO base base. With autonomous led lighting system in dimensions 33x25 cm. As well as a helipad in the same dimensions.

It is possible to build a base of any dimensions in 1/48 and 1/32 with led light system. The construction materials are very light and durable. They can be sent by mail safely and at minimal cost.

 You can get in touch with Creativity Models and discuss your own needs.

The reason you will first see this special product. It's because plausibility and fidelity to the materials impressed me

For more information there is the facebook page

Navy Carrier deck Base