Rivets Technique PART 3 hit stressed skin By: GIANNIS MITZAS

Rivets Technique PART 3  hit stressed skin

 Another technique of stressed skin is hitting the plane on surfaces. Either from impact or from blows to the ground, as in external tanks..Tools:

1) A scalpel

2) P600 P1200 nerve glass paper

3) The Riveter tool

A) The process is very easy. Take a scalpel, preferably old and with an oblique angle to the surface where we will scratch, remove very small pieces of plastic, (As we clean an apple).

B) With the P600 sandpaper we rub lightly and in the second phase with a P1200 or even better and with what thin sandpaper.
What is certain is that it gives a 3D look to our model and liveliness, which no style of color can give.

  You can do the technique in very special places and not apply it to the rest of the kit.

  I chose to pass an aluminum hand of the ALC-101. To show you the extent it gives, as a final result the experienced skin technique