USF JM.Villalba DVD

USF JM.Villalba DVD

Juan Manuel Villalda is a writer and one of the best modelers of my generation, and I have been watching his work warmly for years. He is a pioneer and teacher of the Spanish School of Modeling. , as well as the brightness of the colors. The model is known in the community, that there is not only one way we can make a model correctly. There are four basic schools of modeling. The Greek one that stands out in the improvement of the models with details in the weather conditions. The Czech one which is the most alternative in the choice of colors. The Japanese one with the minimal damage but other good ones worked in the models.
After two models of modeling (Aircraft Modeling Step by Step Vol 1 & Vol 2) JM Villalde made two poles, well-crafted DVDs. In this article we will refer to the USF DVD. Techniques, of course, apply to many other newer or older P-51D models. The 85 minute DVD. It's really filling, every minute of it is a surprise!

Dressed with music and subtitles in "



Divided into eight paragraphs, we see the construction of the P-51 without much improvement building an impressive Cockit. It presents in detail all the steps before and after painting, tools, colors and a lot of tips. It shows us how to mix colors correctly. What brushes to choose for what use, every time! Water pencil and of course the airbrush is playing in his hands! How impressive it is to see how diligent he is, the work of JM.Villalda! It is certain that you will see it many times and you will not find it, no matter how many times you see it again!

I'm sure if you follow the way JM works. Villalda. Whether you are an experienced model or a young person. It will take off your models!

:Giannis Mitzas