RLM J.M. Villalba DVD

RLM J.M. Villalba  DVD

Mr. J.M. Villalba released a complete project. DVD Introducing the painting process of a German FW 190D-9 scale 1/48. In 80 minutes DVD brings the viewer, step by step. Making an Eduard FW 190D-9 (blue 1). The DVD is packaged in a new slim case with an attractive cover. The interesting aspect of this presentation is that it is easily and easily understood with subtitles dressed with a nice and calm sound background. The DVD is translated into six languages ​​(subtitles) English, German, Czech, Spanish, French and Italian. The subtitles are at the bottom and when the airbrush (or brush technique) is used, the pressure appears in the upper right corner of the screen.

 It is divided into 8 chapters.
Interior Painting Part1

Interior Painting 2

Photocopied fabric accessories and seat belts

Preparation for Painting


Meteorology and Signs Part1

Painting and markings Part2

   Exhibition Space In the first and second sections, J.M. Villalba shows you how to faithfully prepare primers, colors and blends for your painting work in accordance with RLM standards. He then shows us how he paints the cockpit's basic color, shades, highlights, great features and detailed .Wase and dry brush. The end result will impress you, without a second thought. The Spanish School of Modeling, totally naked !!! JM Villalba uses impressive paint brushes as well as airbrushes! In the third chapter, the author shows you how to work with PE components and Fabric safety belts in a simple and methodical way that will make your life easier. How it all comes together and ties into the cockpit of the cockpit, with the Eduard sticker, belts. In the interior sets detail you will see how it fits the shade of colors

  In chapters 4 and 5 he outlines his techniques for painting work. It actually shows you how and in what order you should paint a plane on a scale. It shows you how to properly model, rivet the models, surfaces, panels, everything you need to know about it. Stickers and decals will solve a lot of questions about these steps. It also shows the type it uses to blend its colors, especially RLM templates. I'm sure this chapter will break the fear of those who are afraid to paint a difficult Luftwaffe camouflage with very simple steps and a detailed presentation. In Chapters 6-7, the author gives life to his model ... He uses a variety of paint manufacturers and weather conditions. Including Tamiya, AMMO by Mig and Mr. Hobby. colors Finally, in Chapter 8, the model is finished, exposing all its details.

 By:Giannis Mitzas