MODELING workbench

MODELING work bench

  We start with the assumption. That no house was built to the specifications of modeling and because of how many. We face the problem of space. As a negative factor to deal with this, such a creative and enjoyable hobby.

There are many times I have heard from friends. To complain, saying they want more time to dig up tools and paints, move them from kitchen to room and from room to room. To work for a short time and then regroup. To clean and hide the equipment again. Until next time.

This is definitely not pleasant and as a result, it takes us away from what we love. It is important that we can deal with it, even if only for a short time. Not basically with the hobby, but with ourselves. To be able to escape the rhythms of everyday life and to charge the batteries for the next day.
This is the workshop of my friend George Galanakis. The advantages of a comfortable space are obvious

    Let's start with the basics, that we have someone to fit, that we can put an office or place a bench, on a wall one and a half to two meters. It is advisable to have a window nearby to ventilate the space when painting. If not, there is a solution to get a spray chamber. These chambers are foldable and easy to store. They have a carbon filter that absorbs odors. In case you can't provide a window to expel air, they are also easy to clean and come in a wide range of sizes and dimensions. You can also build your own, ventilated with a commercial engine or install a kitchen hood. Location in the photo above.

Ventilation is not necessary in case you are not working with an airbrush and straight.

But what is always important is your safety and the proper management of your space.

However, if the aircraft is a basic model of modeling, in your hands. In addition to the compressors that will give you a small and quiet first. To get or make a cleaning container, the Cleaning pot air

Provided for two airbrushes, it is a smart solution that will loosen your hands during work hours. ! As a cost So you upgrade your work quality and your diligence will make it easy and relaxing to use the airbrush


In recent years, HOBBYZONE has also appeared on the market, as well as other companies. We can also find them in idealized modeling shops, in tool shops as well as on the internet. So you don't need to have all the ingredients on your counter, just some other things you want every time. It is a small cost of 10 euros per piece and will free your hands in terms of time and access.
We will also need a protector for our counter (Cutting Surface) This comes in different sizes and you can choose to your own tastes. Also very important is the lighting on our counter. It has to be focused. It's expensive that we work and it doesn't blind us. There are countless options here. From led movies that we can put. above the height of our head. Folding lamps with magnifying glass and office lamps for reading.

The basic tools to be able to work comfortably are the following

1) Cutter. 2) Mint blade.3) Mytotsipido.4) Set of Holes. 5) Slim Limes set .6) Doukharta

7) Spatula for plastering

The basic materials to be able to work

1) Colors of our model.2) Correspond solvent and varnishes 3) Liquid and tube tube 4) Kitchen paper 5) toothpicks 6) masking tape 7) Liquid glue for plastics and crystal for metals, if any.

Some plastic taper boxes. They can store that it is not working, safely.
You will customize the tools, depending on your needs. Authorized stores will suggest and guide you! .a left hand, from a right hand) Modeling is relatively a cheap hobby and you adapt to the philosophy of each model.
With millions of hobbyists around the world. We all learn new products, techniques and tools. I first give you the basics for starters. Along the way you will enrich your space with new things. It will be good if you are not already an experienced model. Take care of extra space, colors that you will buy for the next models, consumables, etc.

Remember that tools make the carpenter.
A useful tip: Choose a good chair, as anatomical as possible and adjust it correctly, at the height of your bench. The vertical position of the back is the right one!