Goodyear  FG-1 Corsair  091" 092"

  Many WW2 fighters that flew into battlefields were transformed into more advanced calipers. Egg type, such as the P-51D & P-47D. The earliest covers were, in terms of construction, the shape of a cage. The small square pieces of plexiglass, joining from the hull frame. They limited the visibility to several tactile angles from the pilot's position. Thus the need for a new type of hood was generalized.
From the beginning of the production line the Vought F4u-1 Corsair. They did the first tests to study air resistance, in a new type of caliper that would improve the pilot's visibility and position, as well as the shielding and ability to to leave the Corsair as easily as possible in case of emergency.

In today's NACO aerodynamic tunnel NASA. Various design hoods were tested until they reached a definitive pattern. There, the second version of the F4u-1A, shielded over the pilot's head, was also generalized.



Here is a rare photo. In the background is the Navy Goodyear XF2G-1 Corsair in 1944.FG-1s BuNo 12992
They removed two of the Corsair from the assembly line and changed it to the FG-1A. The numbers "091 & 092" were the first Corsairs to have this type called "Tear-Drop Canopy." Over time the name changed to "bubble" .bubble "
The 2 aircraft were classified as XF2G-1s with BU numbers 14091 and 14092. The aircraft type was designated FG-1As. The description of these two fighters is classified as follows: "Type A - 360 / Tear Degree / Tilted" the cannon had no end surfaces. It brought the P&W 2800-10 engine. and an olive tree was placed on it. Hamilton-Standard 3 blade. there was no auxiliary extension "upright fixed". As posted in F2G

F2G was born from this development GAC officials removed the rear of the shaft and added a pre-coated dome, making the shaft more narrow (drop bubble). They used a windshield dome from the British Hawker Typhoon. Hawker Typhoon's Dome Not very good, with the Corsairs windscreen. He had to build a larger windscreen in front of the original screen