RF-4E Phatom II 348 MαTιA Το τέλος του φιλμ.1/48 Hasegawa By Giorgos Athanasiadis

RF-4E Phatom II 348 MαΤιΑ

The RF-4E Phatom photographs were withdrawn last May and I had the honor of being on the design and painting team of the anniversary with serial number7499.

It was the tenth anniversary that I dealt with and based on the convenience of the model, I proceeded with the design and selection of colors.

This particular aircraft was an anniversary and in German colors the well-known black with red 52, so we stayed in black as the main color (although there were several ideas). The decoration was done in orange (although gold was a good idea but also moderately it was difficult to make homemade decals) so orange was preferred on the pretext that it would resemble the ancient Greek red-shaped vessels.
The RF-4E. Has maintained the German camouflage since the 1990s. "Where it joined the Greek Air Force.

The design of the abdomen and the spooky in the fuselage are designs from the anniversary embroidered marks so that there is a connection between aircraft and signals.
In the kit now that we used Hasegawa's RF-4B as a base in 1/48.
It needs some modifications and improvements to make the former German RF-4E.

Stacking the lines corresponding to the night lights, the naval type refueling to the right of the rear cockpit, eliminating the bulges in the wings from top to bottom (and in place of the inboard pylons), converting the stabilators (rear rudder uphill slots) (gaps in the rim of the infestation) and finally the use of engine exports (nozzles) with the long petals. hoto etched by eduard which is closer to ours the version of the Israeli RF-4 Eduard 1/48 Zoom FE363 PE Set for Hasegawa RF-4E IDF.
For the colors, unfortunately in the real world we could not find in the car paint stores correspondences in FS but in RAL (our orange taught us as a shade and was done with mixes). All the colors are satine, not completely matte, that is.



GREEN DARK RAL6001 + RAL 9005 3: 1

RAL 2000 + RAL 9005 DOORS 6: 1

The decals were printed with the help of friend and model Orestis Petroutsopoulos in the original test (italeri 1/48) before painting the real one and in the first one we present here.
Note that this RF-4E has triangular reinforcements on the stabilators just below, the antenna on the back is unpainted and is a light beige. For orange, we recommend gunze H24 for painting the wings of infested wings.

           Art:Giorgos Athanasiadis