Showcase models & lighting Led By: GIANNIS MITZAS

  Showcase models

Making a collection of models, it's time to put them somewhere to be able to see and protect them. In this article I will try to describe the specifications. Depending on the requirements of each model. We made an effort to make a plane, a chariot or a figure. And then comes the question. Where will I put it (?) The dust will cover it (?) They will break (?) The need for a shop window comes as a consequence. So now that we know we can't dust a plane with an antenna or bombs (every month.)

We will look carefully at everything that will be needed. I have had models for over 20 years without being touched by time and of course another hand besides mine.
First we will see our space. Buying a shop window assumes that it will not stop us from dancing! There is a wide range of sizes, sizes and colors on the market. Metal, wood and glass. So it is good to have first chosen what suits us and to have measured the length and depth in the space where we will place it! I should also add here the Sun factor. (Sunlight) It will burn over time, decals, varnishes and paints. So make sure that the sun's rays do not fall vertically. For all seasons. (On our models).

So after buying our showcase, we need to do a series of actions to properly accommodate and house our models. The first step is to put light, if there is no natural. (It is not necessary). But the lighting, as in any showcase. Highlights the exhibits.

So here we are faced with a huge range of lamps, hidden lighting fixtures and options. Technology in this area has jumped in recent years. Let's clear the landscape! For me, led movies are a great choice. The criteria for the lighting fixtures that we will put are the following! First, do not emit heat. Consider that, on a shelf 20cm. Height. Have a plastic model, indoors. An incandescent bulb will heat up and melt our work! So we are talking from the beginning, about led lighting. Which does not emit thermal load.

The choice of color should be. Ice white or otherwise cold white. We can't put whatever color it is! We do not make a shop window for clothes, the wrong light spectrum will distort our modern colors.

As seen in the photo, the cold white is the second from the left

My suggestion is 7.2 watt IP 20 at 24 Volt. It goes around € 4 to € 5 per meter. It is waterproof and has almost no power consumption. There is also a Volt 12. They will guide you better in the electrical stores

Aluminum display case for Led film It is a good purchase because it cools and holds the LEDs well under the shelves

As you can see in the picture, I have hidden at the top, the power supply which is quite small. I also put the switch in there and passed all the cables from the back. So that nothing is visible and it does not bother
You will also need a power supply, so you need to measure in length all the shelves you will put let tape as well as the lid of the window. So that you know how many meters of led we want and accordingly they will give you the power supply that corresponds..In addition a bipolar cable (Better to ask for a two-color cable so that the + stands out from the -)
When finishing the crafts, screw the window to the wall. !!! Don't wait for the next earthquake to put on a black suit.
I made another addition to my shop windows. I took and stuck (air stop) round, round the doors so that dust and exhaust could not enter! I have to let you know that I have never dusted any of my planes. Good luck .


          Giannis Mitzas