F4u SUPER CORSAIR N31518. "Budweiser Light 1" By:GIANNIS MITZS

F4u SUPER CORSAIR N31518. "Budweiser Light 1"

Super Corsair is the reason I took up the modeling hobby. When it fell into my hands, a magazine "Aircraft illustrated, February 19883". I still have a tribute to Super corsair and it was love at first sight. For me, Corsair is the most beautiful helicopter that flew in the skies. The characteristic wings of the inverted seagull, as well as his performance in speed maneuvers and victories on the battlefields. He established it as the top fighter in the Navy. For years I had no information about the actual image of the racing Corsair. Not even for its ancestor, the F2G Corsair. The image of this huge engine was what piqued my interest. The R-4360 Pratt & Whitney with 3,000 hp and 450 m.p.h. was first installed by Goudyear in 1945. In aircraft that came from the production line. A total of 17 pieces were made in order to pursue the Kamikazes. Unfortunately, he did not manage to complete the evaluation program and join the combat squadrons. The end of the war marked the end of F2G.
In this article I will try to share with you. The birth of the fastest Corsair and in a next article its evolution. Finding an F2G for the annual barren Helicopter (Reno) of this type. He led the team to turn to the stocks in the beards. A number of Corsairs stocks have already been repatriated to the United States from Honduras. In 1978. One of them was the F4u-4 Corsair (17799) Here we see it in a rare photograph, as it was before the Super Corsair 1981. Chino, CA, Another source states that it was an F4u-1D Corsair (N. 17799) who starred as a movie star in the TV series "Black Sheep" in Hollywood, CA. wore an F4u-4 engine.


The construction of the Super Corsair. The first phase of the restoration was done by removing the engine Pratt & Whitney 2800-18w. The aircraft was discolored and underwent structural modifications and reinforcement. A new vaulted cover has been installed. A reinforcement at the base of the fuselage with the wings.

The cockpit, as we can see, is without the shielding and the floor that the F4u-4s had. The console also refers to the F4u-1D version. Although it has been enriched with new instruments.

Redesigned exhaust outlet, based on the original version of the F2G. The same pattern was followed under the fuselage.

Two new oil coolers were installed on the wings, type S-2 Tracker. The introduction of air in the Cooler had another conversion. It extended in front of the wings and narrowed the opening.

Here we see the extension of the air intake to the Cooler and the cut wing, before its restoration.

A new fuel tank (in the form of a sambre) has been replaced in the area, in front of the cockpit.
ADI, in the nests shooting him high pressure water tanks were installed for the engine intercooler

With a careful eye, we notice that the wing, which was covered with fabric, has been replaced with an aluminum cover and the rudder has been removed.

The Pratt & Whitney R4360 that was installed was a more advanced version than the one worn by the first F2Gs in 1945.R-4360 3,800 hp. The cover comes from an A-26 Invader and engine support from a Skyraider



First flight !! Jim Maloney on the controls

1982: Acquisition of Budweiser became known as Super Corsair No 1 "Bud Light Special".

Thanks to the collection (restoration photos), team member Frank Mormillo & Chris Fah

             Giannis Mitzas